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What is the Problem?

How to encourage and simplify the process of adopting any type of pet?


The first step that was taken after the problem arrived was to start a discovery process and for that I looked for 5 companies that were in the same sector of pet adoption. Being 3 Brazilian projects and the 2 biggest projects from other countries to analyze.

Evaluating positive and negative points of all competitors, I was able to learn what would be good for the target audience and understand a little of the market needs.

CSD Matrix

I used the CSD matrix to be able to visualize everything that I already knew for sure about the project and that it was not necessary to research.And also find out what my assumptions and doubts were because based on them I built my research and understood what to ask my audience.

Initial Research

After understanding what my questions were and what I needed to ask, I made an online survey planned and sent to all my social networks and where I could reach the greatest amount of people.

The questions were directly focused on the understanding of the user group and attitudes about adopting and purchasing pets.

I had great results in the survey: 71 responses.

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Empathy Map

With all the data in hand and the research done with my audience, it became much easier to understand who I wanted to reach and who those people were. That way I set up an empathy map to be able to see more formally what people feel, hear, think and even talk about.

Creation of personas

4 main Personas were created with split on top of buying or adopting a pet.

From a well-designed empathy map, and with the data from my research, I can create my personas much easier and make visible the main characteristics of my consumers, their pain, goals and history.

Jobs to be done

With all the personas created and guiding the project, it was time for me to really understand what drives my consumer and my user to adopt or buy a pet, based on the fact that people do not buy for the product itself - they buy to help solve something.

And with that I mapped the personas with a functional, social or emotional dimension.

User Journey

And after creating Jobs to be done, I created the user journey to have a holistic view of the customer experience, revealing moments of frustration and pleasure throughout interactions. Reveal opportunities to address customer pain points.

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